This famous quote has been attributed many notable figures from our past: Samuel Smiles, Mrs Isabella Beeton, and Benjamin Franklin just to name a few. The Oxford Book of Quotations dates it back to over several years’ prior, during the 17th century.

Whether he came up with the quote or not, one of our country’s founding fathers is more than likely to have said it. But what exactly did he mean when he said it?

What Does the Quote Mean?

The notion behind the proverb is that everything should have somewhere to be sorted and that it should be returned to that place when the item is not in use. Our company motto of ‘Put Your Stuff in Its Place” is loosely based on this notion. But how can you apply it to your life and home?

Find a Place for Everything

At one point or another we accumulate items in places they have no place belonging. All homes (except the very-most organized) have the odd draw or cupboard that stores a wide variety of objects and trinkets for no other reason than they don’t have a specific place where they belong.

However, there is a way to back yourself out of this “organized chaos” approach. Namely, by constructing places for items to “live.” Not only will you always return your items to a specific location every time (helping your home space to be more clean and organized), but you can also eliminate any time wasted looking for your items since you’ll know exactly where they are.

Putting things in their respective places ready for use again at a later date is just one of the five Japanese 5S principles. By taking Franklin at his word, you can begin implement helpful methodologies such as 5S or even follow in footsteps of French chefs with their Mise en Place principle.

Create a Place for Your Items with Koova

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Fiona Lewis