5S is perhaps the world’s most famous workplace organization method. 5S was developed in Japan and formed the precursor to ‘Just in Time’ manufacturing, which is now in use by companies across the globe. The system is based on the following five words and phrases (translated from Japanese): sort, set in order, shine, standardize, and sustain/self-discipline.

 But what do they mean in practice and how can you use them to become more organized in your own home?


This phase refers to sorting and subsequently removing any items that no longer need to be in a location. This is beneficial for several reasons:

  • Reduced time loss looking for an item by reducing the number of items.
  • Reduces the chance of distraction by unnecessary items.
  • Simplified inspection.
  • Increases the amount of available, useful space.
  • Increased safety by eliminating obstacles.

 When applying to your own space, evaluate all items in a specific space and ask yourself whether they really need to be there. Remove anything superfluous, and keep your floor and wall space more tidy and organized as a result.

Set in Order

This is the process of putting everything in their optimal places. For instance, you may decide to move your golf bag from being in the kitchen storage cupboard to the garage, where it really should be. In workplaces, this helps to ensure smooth workflow. But in a home setting, this reduces friction by storing items where they are the most useful.


As the name suggests, this principle is about keeping your workspace clean. Removing any trash or unnecessary junk the moment it appears rather than allowing it to pile up. In a home setting, this refers to discarding knick-knacks immediately after they cease to become useful. Putting off throwing them away, just leads to the buildup of unhelpful garbage.


This pillar of 5S refers to setting up processes for sorting, ordering, and cleaning workspace. Think of it as a principle that reminds you to carry out the preceding three principles. In your home, have set intervals allocated to putting stuff in its place, and clear away any unnecessary junk. With weekly intervals to do so, you’ll never find yourself having to navigate a messy house.


This is about making these principles part of your very being. In other words, you don’t need to set reminders on your phone to organize your garage, you just do it because it’s what you do every Saturday morning without fail. It’s the process of the 4th principle (standardize) becoming second nature.

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