If you’re as much of an organization enthusiast as we are, then chances are you’ve accidentally stumbled upon a storage idea that could change the lives of thousands of people across the country.

We recognize that while the “average Joe” may not have our engineering skills but, they may have some fantastic ideas for storage solutions or organizational tools that they don’t have the skills or time to build themselves. That’s where we come in. We want to help those with brilliant ideas to take their dream from nothing more than a mere concept to a real product.

Are you Sitting on a Great Idea?

Some of the best-selling products in the world have been born out of frustration at real life situations. However, many potential inventions never see the light of day because those that have the initial idea either don’t have the time or the skills to pursue them any further.

 Here at Koova, we want to capture and explore the potential of those ideas a little further before they are simply cast aside as yet another daydream. Maybe you’ve come up with an igneous way to store misshapen objects such as footballs or sports sneakers? Or perhaps you’ve envisaged the ultimate product for organizing cleaning supplies? Either way, we want to hear from you.

What’s in It for Me?

Of course, we wouldn’t want you to leave empty handed! If you submit your idea, and it receives some love, then we’ll make you one up for free! Your new device, which you never had the time nor the inclination to create yourself, will be able to take pride of place within your home. How’s that for fair?

Don’t be shy, there’s no idea that’s too whacky for us. As long as it makes a difference to your fellow citizens’ organizational capabilities and has commercial potential, we will give your idea the time of day it deserves.

Contact our team below to pitch us your new product idea.

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