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Mise En Place...The Top Chefs in the World Secret to Success

Americans are obsessed with celebrity chefs such as Gordon Ramsey or the late Anthony Bourdain. But rather than learning about copious amounts of yelling, we should look a little closer at what makes these top chefs so successful. The key, for many, is a dedication the French principle of “Mise en place”.

But what exactly does this principle mean in practice and how can we apply to our own lives? 

 What is Mise En Place?

Translated literally it means “put in place.” When applied to the professional kitchen setting, it refers specifically laying out ingredients and utensils ready for the lunch or evening service ahead.

By organizing everything required for cooking dishes ahead of time, high-performing chefs are able to deliver quick turnarounds without compromising on quality. In other words, by taking care of organization beforehand, they are able to perform at optimal efficiency by eliminating time spent looking for ingredients or critical pieces of equipment.

 How Can You Use Mise En Place?

Mise en place needn’t be restricted to the bowels of professional kitchens. By taking those principles and applying them to your home, you can become a more organized individual, allowing you complete tasks much more efficiently.

Take your desk for example. By eliminating unnecessary clutter and placing your crucial items in specific places (such as your pen and notebook) you can execute work tasks much quicker and no you longer waste any time looking for equipment. You know exactly where everything is ahead of time.

You could also take the same approach to other less urgent tasks. For example, if you’re a keen golfer, by placing your clubs in the same slot of the bag every time, you eliminate guess work associated with finding the club you want, reducing the time you waste on the course. Similarly, by putting it back on a golf bag storage rack every time you’ve finished, you don’t even need to think about where it is before taking it out for you next game.

 Instill a Touch of Mise En Place in Your Life with Koova

Here at Koova, we strongly believe in the principles of Mise en place. We’re passionate about putting stuff where it belongs so that you can remain efficient and organized within your day to day life.

If you’d like to take advantage of Mise en place within your own life, we sell a wide variety of innovative storage solutions to help you to keep possessions where they belong. Why not view the full range of products below? 

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