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Deciding Where Something Should Go Is Very Difficult

Important decisions can take weeks, if not months to be made. When you’re deciding to find a permanent home for some of your most-used items, the process is no different and is frequently just as difficult.

However, with these tips you can speed up the process, freeing up your time to focus on other aspects of your life.

1. Allocate Time to Think It Over 

One of the reasons why we take so long to decide where something should go is because we never take the required time to just sit down and think about it. Set a reminder on your smartphone and allocate 15 minutes to sit there and think about where the best place to permanently store your specific items would be.

2. Think Through Your Options

Try to avoid boiling your thinking to a series of “yes” / “no” answers. Broaden your options and run through a wide variety of “what-if” scenarios. By thinking a little outside the box, you may suddenly discover the obvious choice.

3. Fall Back on Your Values

You know yourself better than anyone else. When assessing storage locations for your items, think whether you’ll have any problems with this arrangement one, two, or even five years from now. Only you know how you like to operate, if you’re making a compromise to accommodate your decision, then you’ll likely have to start the process over just a few months down the road.

4. Get Outside Perspective

In most cases, either the items you’re storing, or the location where they’re set to be be stored are going to have a direct impact on others. Consult other members of your household to see how they feel about your proposed storage method and location within the home. Their reaction will tell you how suitable it is.

5. Set Up a Trial Run

It’s always useful to test something out before committing to it long term. Particularly if you’re going to have to make alterations to your home in order to install suitable storage solutions.

6. Look for Innovative Storage Solutions Once You’ve Decided

Once you’ve taken a considered approach to where something needs to go, it’s time to look at what’s on the market to accommodate your desired storage location. Here at Koova, our American-made products are suitable for a storing a wide variety of items. From your power tools, to your surfboard, we’ve got you covered. Check out our full range of products below.

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