In manufacturing and service sectors the lean philosophy is a methodology that focuses on minimizing waste while simultaneously maximizing productivity. Leading companies such as Toyota, Dell, Nike, and John Deere all use the principle today as a way to gain a competitive advantage.

But how can you take the lean philosophy and apply it to your life?

Applying the Lean Philosophy to Your Life

As mentioned, lean is primarily focused on eliminating unnecessary waste. Many of us are guilty of holding on to things for far too long. Your favorite old golf club that’s been left behind by advances in modern sports technology, or the old vacuum in the loft that fills you with the nostalgia of moving into your first home are just a couple of examples of wasteful items that need to be discarded.

Throwing away items of this nature is going to be tough, especially if the item in question holds sentimental value. However, by doing so, you can reap the benefits of a cleaner, more organized, and therefore more functional space.

Don’t Wait to Throw Useless Items Away

Many of us hold on to items of low value thinking that they may come in useful later on. However, rarely is this the case. Worse, those items clutter up your space causing stress. These items also lead to an increase in the time it takes to find other genuine useful items and results in junk building up that will take an ever-increasing effort to remove.

This is the second element of lean; increasing productivity. By only keeping the absolute minimum of what you require, you can easily organize, store, and access your most important items whenever you need to within a few seconds, rather than sorting through junk for ten minutes every time you want to use your grease gun, for example.  

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Amanda Lula