For many individuals, getting more organized is nothing more than a new year's resolution that falls by the wayside come February. But if you're really committed to bettering your organization skills, what can you learn from those who have truly mastered the skill?

Here are five habits of organized individuals that you can learn from and implement within your daily habits.

1. Organized People Seek Out Tools

Genuine organization takes a lot of brainpower, which is why the most organized individuals seek out the help of tools to keep them on top of everything. From online calendars to specific apps that can send pop-up reminders, organized people use tools to help them get the most out of each day, week, month, and year.

2. Organized People Have Less Stuff

The golden rule of mastering organization is to have as little as possible to organize. By eliminating anything unnecessary from their professional or personal missions, they can get to work organizing what’s truly important and discard the rest.

3. Organized People Choose Simple Solution

When it comes to physically organizing items, organized individuals choose simple solutions. They decide where something goes (such as on a shelf), and that becomes the home for that specific item thereafter. For example, a simple hook is an efficient and memorable solution for storing a bike helmet.

4. Organized People Practice Maintenance

Organized people will take a few moments each day to put things back in their proper places. They might archive an email, for example, or put away essential papers in their designated draw. There’s never an “I’ll do it later” attitude, and the “small and often” approach saves them buckets of time in the long run.

5. Organized People Periodically Purge

For organized people, clutter is intolerable. Thus, they never let it sneak up on them by carrying out frequent purges, discarding anything that no longer has any use. As soon as anything is out of date, it's gone, eliminating the possibility of building up clutter. 

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