When attempting to declutter or tidy your home, it can be tricky to decide where to put your stuff. Especially if those items have never had an official “home” before. 

The key in creating a home for your items is to put your stuff in a place where you can continually use it.

Spend Time Deciding on the Perfect Home for Your Stuff

Often we make the mistake of rushing into deciding where to put things, only to find later on that it’s not an efficient or helpful place to store something. That’s why it’s essential to allocate time to think about where you’re going to put something. 

During this phase, it’s a good idea to source outside opinions and even undergo a trial run to ensure that you’ve made the correct decision.

Create A New Home Using Innovative Products 

One of the reasons you haven’t yet found a home for an item is that you don’t yet have an appropriate storage solution. For instance, it would be far better to hang that bike you’ve always propped up against the garage wall from a wall-mounted bike hook

Similarly, those books and the wireless router currently cluttering up your desk would be much more at home on a floating shelf. Once you have your new storage products installed, you can then benefit from their functionality and utility. 

Remain Clean, Organized, and Efficient with Designated Places for Your Items 

Once you’ve found the perfect place for your stuff, you must continue to use them to ensure you reap the benefits. A decluttered space will lower your stress levels, and you will save tons of time by always knowing where all of your items are. 

You can, of course, make tweaks if you feel something isn’t working for you. But by merely dedicated items to specific locations, you will have already won half the battle. 

Find the Perfect Storage Solution with Koova 

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Mark Richards