Living lean is increasing in popularity as people look to eliminate unnecessary waste from their lives. From holding on to useless knick-knacks, to wasting time searching for products you need to complete tasks, living lean can lead to a much more productive life.

But where does the lean living principle originate from?

What is Lean Living?

Lean living originated in Japan and is loosely based on the lean manufacturing principles developed by Toyota. When applied to our personal lives, the fundamental principle is to get rid of anything that adds no value to your goals or ambitions.

Many of us are guilty of over-consumption, which increases wasted resources and time within our lives. For example, how many shirts or sneakers do you really need? Do you really need eighteen golf clubs, and why do you hang on to that old putter you replaced years ago?

These are all common problems we often share without really realizing it. By incorporating the principles of lean living into your life, you can eliminate waste and become much more productive.

How to Start with Living Lean? 

The stage of the process is to identify your goals. There should be too many of these, perhaps three to five maximum. Once you’ve written them down, it’s time to evaluate how your possessions help you to achieve those goals. You subsequently throw out anything that doesn’t add any value to your life goals.

For instance, one of your goals might be to earn a promotion. When assessing your car, you can see that it adds value to that goal by transporting you to the workplace to carry out the tasks that are going to earn that promotion.  

However, that old basketball hoop that you’ve taken down, stored in the garage, and never used since, isn’t going to add value to your life unless your plan centers on becoming good at basketball.

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Mark Richards