Wall Protectors for Bike Rack Systems



The Koova wall protectors attach to your walls to protect them from bike tires when used with our Koova wall mounted bike racks. These thin plastic strips are designed to protect walls from large and small bicycle tires.

View/download instructions HERE

Not just for bicycles, the Koova wall protectors can easily be mounted anywhere you need to protect walls from hanging objects, doorknobs, or more.

Made in the USA, these wall protectors can be attached to your walls with one of two included methods. Use the self-tapping screws or double-sided adhesive tape to place anywhere you need a small patch of wall protection.

Product Details:

  • Protects walls from bike tires
  • Comes with 2 (one pair) protectors and mounting options
  • Durable textured surface
  • Includes double-sided adhesive for installation
  • Easy to install
  • Dimensions: 10” x 3”