Oval Spray Bottle Holder



Introducing the Koova Heavy Duty Spray Bottle Holder – the perfect solution for optimizing your kitchen or garage space with style and efficiency. This wall mount storage rack is designed to accommodate oval spray bottles, offering a sleek and organized solution for your cleaning essentials. Upgrade your organization game with the Koova Heavy Duty Spray Bottle Holder – where functionality meets a sleek design for efficient storage in your kitchen or garage. Declutter with confidence and bring order to your space today!

      • Heavy Duty Construction: Crafted from sturdy metal, this spray bottle holder ensures durability and long-lasting use, providing a reliable storage solution for your cleaning needs.
      • Space-Saving Wall Mount: Maximize your storage potential by utilizing vertical space on your walls. This utility shelf keeps your spray bottle easily accessible while freeing up valuable counter or floor space.
      • Efficient Organizer: Ideal for kitchens and garages, this spray bottle rack helps you declutter and streamline your space. Keep cleaning supplies at your fingertips, making chores and DIY projects more convenient.
      • Easy Installation: The package includes all the hardware you need for a quick and hassle-free installation. Enjoy the benefits of an organized space without the stress of complicated setup.
      • Made in the USA: Koova takes pride in delivering high-quality products, and this spray bottle holder is proudly made in the USA. Trust in the craftsmanship that comes with a commitment to excellence.