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DIY Garage Shelving Kit - Wood Not Included

DIY Garage Shelving Kit - Wood Not Included

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Looking to maximize the storage space in your garage? Look no further than the Koova Universal Storage System! Our system utilizes your garage's unused wall space to provide mounted storage that can handle all of your needs. Installation is a breeze with all necessary hardware included, and the system is designed to fit perfectly onto wall studs spaced 16" apart.

Made from high-quality, heavy-duty, hand-welded American steel, the Koova Universal Storage System is built to last. With a load capacity of 600 pounds per 4-foot section, you can store your items with confidence. Our 32-inch deep garage storage shelf kit is perfect for storing totes perpendicular to the wall, providing more storage volume than any other system.

The Koova Shelf can be installed at any height, enabling you to take full advantage of the highest portions of your garage. Our system is customizable too - use the lumber decking of your choice to add hooks, rods, and other accessories that are both inexpensive and versatile. (2x4 lumber not included)

Our system can be configured in any way you need, including mid-wall, left-wall-start, right-wall-start, and wall-to-wall installations. And with a clean and protective powder coating, our shelves will not rust, corrode, or weaken over time, ensuring long-lasting use.

With heavy-duty American steel used for easy-to-install components, the Koova Universal Storage System is made in America from design to engineering, manufacturing, packing, and shipping. Organizing your home starts with your garage, and the Koova Universal Storage System is the best, safest, strongest, and most versatile system on the market. Order yours today and take the first step towards a more organized home!

  • Wood 2x4's are NOT INCLUDED
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