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The first rule of decluttering your home, garage, or office…

The first rule of decluttering your home, garage or office is recognizing that there is a clutter problem. What may have started with not having time to put one item back where it belongs quickly spirals out of control. Before you know it, that one little exception made all those months (or years) ago becomes the rule, and nothing seems to have an actual “place” anymore.

Start with organizing just one thing

Once you’ve cleared the initial hurdle of admitting to yourself that you’ve unintentionally created a cluttered home or garage, the enormity of the task ahead of you can be overwhelming. When you take a moment to think about all the stuff that needs moving, it can feel too big. When that happens it can be easy to put off organizing your garage or home even longer.

But that’s the wrong approach. Running away from your clutter only makes it worse. Instead, start with organizing one item at a time. Take one piece of clutter and move it to where it’s supposed to be. But making a start, you can build momentum.

Organize Just One Item a Day - You’ll Notice the Change Almost Immediately

If you’ve got large piles of household items out of place, organizing one thing might not feel like much. But by remaining consistent, you’ll have your space decluttered in no time. One week will equate to seven items returned, a month goes by, and you’ll have thirty items returned, and within a few months, everything should be back where it belongs.

As you continue your journey, you might realize that your storage solutions are no longer the right storage solutions for your stuff. You may well find that your bikes or golf bags could be much better stored to free up more space in clutter-attracting areas such as your garage. When you reach this point, it’s worth investing in state-of-the-art organization and storage systems to get these areas of your home back to normal.

Innovative Storage Solutions from Koova

As firm believers in putting your stuff back in its rightful place, the Koova team has designed a wide range of innovative and best-in-class garage, home and office storage solutions. Our over-engineered products are capable of handling any task, whether you need to mount your bikes or correctly store your sports equipment.

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