Given the events of 2020, there’s never been such a focus on mental health. Unfortunately, for those of you who in cluttered homes, the evidence is pretty damming when it comes to the effect it has on your mental health.

So what does the science say exactly?

Untidy Houses Equals Increased Stress

Scientific studies have long been studying the relationship between mental health and organization. It turns out that the tidiness of your home has a direct impact on your mental health. A clean home can have a therapeutic effect after a tough day at work, for example. By contrast, returning to a cluttered and untidy mess is likely to lead your stress levels to soar.

The largest of these studies revealed that women with organized houses were happier and more comfortable than those with untidy houses. Those with unkempt houses also had elevated levels of the stress hormone cortisol. The more stressful homes also experienced increased depressed moods during the course of the day.

Organize Little and Often to Relive Mental Burden

One of the reasons that untidy houses place such a burden on our mental health is that they continue to worsen, affecting a dangerous vicious circle. The more that needs to be organized, the worse the task seems. Thus, the more it gets put off, worsening the stress further still.

The key is just to make a start. Just organize one thing. Even if that one thing only takes 30 seconds to put back. You will immediately start to notice the mental benefit of successfully reorganizing.

Then try to build from there. See if you can squeeze in just ten minutes of organizing and decluttering a day. By the end of the week, you’ll have achieved more than you ever thought possible with such a small time commitment. Gradually you’ll feel the weight lifting off your shoulder as, piece by piece, you restore order and peace to your home.

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Mark Richards