Did you know that one in every four Americans says that they cannot fit their car in their garage because it’s too cluttered? It’s easy to fall into a pattern of throwing your items you don’t need right now into the garage as it’s not an area of the home that anyone sees apart from you. 

However, opening up your garage space offers numerous benefits, not least the ability to park your car in there and protect your paint and bodywork from weather-related damage. 

But how can you maximize space in your garage? 

Hang Your Items to Free Up Floor Space 

The main culprit preventing homeowners from parking their cars is sports items such as golf bags, surfboards, and bikes strewn across the floor. By hanging those items on your garage walls, you’ll be shocked at how much floor space you can reclaim. 

Why not check out our sports equipment storage solutions, including our wall-mounted bike rack that can handle up to six bikes! 

Neatly Store Your Tools 

Another obstacle to reclaiming your space is your tools. Whether you have power tools lying around or garden tools with no natural home, you can free up some much-needed space in your garage by merely investing in some purpose-built storage solutions.

We have several options for your tools. You could choose to store your power tool and associated drill bits with our drill storage rack and charging station. Alternatively, you might want to go for our gas tank storage shelf, complete with hooks for all of your wrenches! 

Put Away Old or Unused Toys & Games

The problem with children’s toys is that they rarely stay in fashion for long. And we all know how quickly kids move on to the next fad, only to return to use some of their older toys later down the line. But filling up boxes of old toys, games, and other similar items takes up garage space unnecessarily. 

Instead, get organized with one or two overhead storage bin mounts to pick up your storage bins off the floor and find that all-important room for your vehicle to fit in underneath. 

Reclaim Your Garage Space With Innovative Storage Solutions from Koova 

Here at Koova, we firmly believe that your garage should be a source of pride rather than a glorified storage closet for all your unwanted items. Fortunately, you can organize and reclaim your garage space for your vehicle or another use with Koova products.

Our American-made products are over-engineered to ensure they can withstand any challenge, and we now offer FREE two-day shipping on orders over $29. 

So what are you waiting for? Head over to the Koova store now and reclaim that garage space that’s rightfully yours!
Mark Richards